Skydemon and Logbook.Aero: The Ultimate Bundle for Pilots

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Get SkyDemon and bundle at a discounted price! Improve your navigation and flight data tracking with this ultimate bundle for pilots.

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SkyDemon and The Ultimate Bundle for Pilots


Introducing the ultimate bundle for pilots: SkyDemon and Logbook.Aero. This bundle is perfect for pilots who want to have all the information they need to improve their flying experience, and save money. Get SkyDemon for navigation and Logbook.Aero to keep track of your flight data in one convenient package.



  • Dynamic vector charts: Widely recognized as the clearest aeronautical charts available, entirely bespoke and updated every 28 days. They are consistent, interactive and provide extra information when you need it.
  • Virtual radar: A side-on view of your route, it supplements the way you visualise a route you are planning by adding a new dimension of output, it shows you what sort of adverse (or beneficial) weather conditions are likely to affect you.
  • Mass and balance calculation: It allows you to easily calculate the weight and balance of the aircraft, ensuring that the aircraft is loaded within the limits established by the manufacturer.



  • Multiplatform access: Your Logbook.Aero flight data is available across your devices instantly, with no synchronization required.
  • Detailed reporting: Get the full picture of your flying history with multiple reports, graphs and maps.
  • Advanced filtering: Find any flights and totals you need quickly and easily with detailed filtering by date range, time column, role, aircraft type/model/registration or text search.
  • Electronic signatures: Instructors and examiners can digitally sign flight entries and endorsements within the mobile or web application.


Get both of these amazing products together and save money. With this bundle, you’ll have everything you need to improve your flying experience. SkyDemon for navigation and Logbook.Aero to keep track of your flight data.

Upgrade your flying experience today by purchasing this bundle. SkyDemon and Logbook.Aero are the perfect tool for any pilot, they make flying safer and easier, and help you keep track of your flight data. Get them both at a discounted price and take your flying to the next level.


Want to buy these products separately? You can find SkyDemon HERE, and Logbook.Aero HERE


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