Lightspeed Gann Adventure Flight Bag

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Lightspeed Gann Adventure Flight Bag: A true companion for your journeys. Handmade from oiled cowhide, this spacious bag is cabin-friendly & features purpose-built pockets for headsets, iPads, & more. Experience the beauty, durability & ingenuity that will make flying more enjoyable.





Lightspeed Gann – Adventure Flight Bag: A Journey of Unrivaled Experience

Embark on a thrilling adventure with the Lightspeed Gann Adventure Flight Bag. Inspired by the spirit of the novelist it’s named after, this flight bag is crafted for pilots with a wanderlust for exploration.



Measuring 16 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 13.5 inches high, the Gann is spacious yet cabin-friendly. Making it an ideal companion for pilots who want to bring along all their essentials.


Handmade Craftsmanship:

The Gann is handmade from high-quality, full-grain, oiled South American cowhide in an espresso brown colour, with contrasting black leather pocket flaps. Each hide has its own unique grain and markings, resulting in a bag that is as distinctive as its owner. The uncoated leather gives the bag an authentic look and feels that only gets better with age and use.


Modern Convenience:

Despite its traditional roots, the Gann has been designed with modern pilots in mind. It features purpose-built pockets for headsets, iPads, and transceivers, along with a rugged, textured PVC bottom that is wing-friendly. For those who own a Lightspeed headset, you will recognise the Gann’s beauty, durability, and ingenuity. All are designed to enhance the flying experience for years to come.


Large Main Compartment:

The large zippered carpenter-style opening provides quick and easy access to the spacious, lined main compartment, which is perfect for storing all your essentials. Additionally, the internal zippered iPad pocket keeps your tablet secure and within reach.


Convenient Storage Options:

A large transceiver pocket with a cut-out flap allows for antenna-on storage, while the front organizer pocket is designed to hold pens, keys, and other essential items in a convenient and easily accessible location. The large zippered rear pocket provides ample storage space for documents and flat items and also doubles as a Rollaboard slot.


In conclusion, the Lightspeed Gann Adventure Flight Bag is the perfect accessory for pilots who crave adventure and demand convenience. With its traditional style and modern features, the Gann is a flight bag like no other.

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