Lightspeed Delta Zulu ANR Headset with Carbon Monoxide Sensor

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The Delta Zulu headset is the ultimate in safety, control and comfort, designed with pilots in mind. Experience superior ANR, HearingEQity™ technology, and the Lightspeed App, along with the legendary Zulu comfort and durability.



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Introducing the Lightspeed Delta Zulu, the pinnacle of aviation headset technology. Crafted for aviators who demand both unparalleled safety and exceptional auditory clarity, the Lightspeed Delta Zulu represents a groundbreaking fusion of advanced noise reduction capabilities and innovative features. Its design emphasizes the pilot’s need for control, safety, and comfort, setting a new standard in aviation communication equipment.


Elevated Safety Measures with Kanari™ Smart Alert Technology

At the forefront of the Lightspeed Delta Zulu’s impressive array of features is the Kanari™ smart alert technology, a cutting-edge innovation designed to safeguard pilots and their passengers. This state-of-the-art system diligently monitors cabin carbon monoxide levels, issuing audible alerts to ensure that the cockpit environment remains safe. The integration of this technology with the free Lightspeed App allows pilots to visually track CO sensor data in real-time and access historical data, offering an unprecedented level of situational awareness and peace of mind. This proactive approach to safety underscores Lightspeed’s commitment to pioneering technologies that protect and enhance the flying experience.


Uncompromised Clarity with HearingEQity™

The Delta Zulu goes beyond traditional Active Noise Reduction (ANR) to offer crystal-clear communication through its innovative HearingEQity™ system. This unique feature tailors the audio output to the individual pilot’s hearing profile, ensuring optimal clarity. By conducting a simple 12-frequency hearing test via the Lightspeed App, pilots can customize the headset’s audio to compensate for any hearing discrepancies between their ears. This personalized audio calibration ensures that every transmission and incoming message is heard with absolute clarity, regardless of ambient noise levels or individual hearing differences.


Unparalleled Control with the Lightspeed App

The integration of the Lightspeed App with the Delta Zulu headset transforms the cockpit experience by offering a suite of features designed for ultimate control and convenience. Pilots can leverage the app to record in-flight conversations, replay transmissions, sketch diagrams, and archive flight recordings for thorough post-flight debriefings and training purposes. The Delta Zulu’s adoption of the Universal Audio Connector (UAC) plug further enhances its versatility, enabling direct connections for charging, data transfer, and auxiliary audio input. This seamless integration of technology and functionality makes the Lightspeed Delta Zulu an indispensable tool for pilots seeking to streamline their flight operations and enhance their situational awareness.


Supreme Comfort and Unmatched Durability

Building on the legacy of the acclaimed Zulu series, the Lightspeed Delta Zulu headset is engineered for enduring comfort and resilience. Featuring advanced performance ear seals, the headset is designed to provide maximum comfort during extended periods of wear. The robust cables, reinforced with a Kevlar core, guarantee durability and reliability under the most demanding conditions. With full Bluetooth integration and an industry-leading 7-year warranty, the Delta Zulu exemplifies Lightspeed’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.


The Ultimate Choice for Aviators

The Lightspeed Delta Zulu stands as a testament to Lightspeed’s unwavering commitment to enhancing the pilot’s experience through innovation and quality. It offers an exceptional blend of safety features, auditory precision, and user-friendly controls, wrapped in a package of comfort and durability. Whether navigating the challenges of flight training or commanding a commercial airliner, the Lightspeed Delta Zulu headset is tailored to meet the demands of modern aviation.


In a realm where every detail counts, the Lightspeed Delta Zulu not only meets the expectations of pilots but exceeds them, offering a flight experience that is both secure and enjoyable. Embrace the future of aviation communication with the Lightspeed Delta Zulu, and elevate your flying missions to new heights of excellence and safety. Experience firsthand why the Lightspeed Delta Zulu is the ultimate headset choice for pilots committed to their mission.

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