• Nigel Willson

    June 28, 2022 at 10:10 am

    Pricey? I don’t think so. For just over a tenner you get full colour material (you don’t need any other study material – in fact if you do buy books they will be out of date and some of them actually contain incorrect information). Included in the Easy PPPL Groundschool fee is access to progress test as yu study, plus end of course exam (mock) which you can take 9 or 10 times BEFORE you see ANY repeat questions. Oh, and you also get “Ask an Instructor”, which includes email, telephone, zoom or even face to face support if you need it. We respiknd astoundingly quickly to queries too. Trustpilot reviews – 5 stars across the board 100% of the time. Over 6000 students studying with us passing first time. So, we think we’re too cheap actually!