Multi-Engine Piston Rating (MEP)

Once you’ve got at least 70 hours of pilot in command time in your logbook, you can begin your Multi-Engine Piston (MEP) rating. This course will cover the normal operations of multi-engine flight, as well as engine failure and asymmetric flight.

The course consists of at least 7 hours of theoretical instruction and at least 6 hours of flight training. You will be required to take a multiple-choice exam as well as a skills test covering the following:

  • General Handling of the aeroplane under normal circumstances
  • General Handling of the aeroplane under abnormal and emergency circumstances
  • Flight with one engine inoperative (Asymmetric Flight)
  • Cross country VFR flight via a planned route. 1 segment of which must be at least 15 minutes
  • Use of radio navigation aids (VOR, NDB)

Once both of these tests are complete, you will send your paperwork off to the CAA and within a few weeks receive your license back with your new rating printed on it. The MEP rating will allow you to fly a multi-engine aircraft with a max takeoff weight of less than 5700Kg and will last for 12 months.

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