Multi-Crew Cooperation Course (MCC) and Jet Orientation Course (JOC)

Once you’ve gotten to this point. Congratulations. You are now a fully qualified commercial pilot! But the training doesn’t stop there. A good pilot is always learning.

There are many different career paths you can take as a commercial pilot. However the most common is the transition to the airlines and flying jets. To do this, it will be expected, and most likely required, for you to have completed a Multi-Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Jet Orientation Course (JOC). These courses cover the very basics of what you will need in the commercial world. 

Most places will start with a 3-day ground school course. This will be in a classroom, where you will learn how responsibility is divided between both pilots, and how to work together to ensure a safe and efficient flight.

After that, you will complete around 7 days in a fixed base simulator. These days will usually consist of a 1-hour briefing, followed by 4 hours in the simulator. You will put the theory that you learned in the classroom into practice, covering both normal and abnormal exercises. Days 1-5 will cover the MCC, whilst days 6 and 7 will cover the JOC.

Once your MCC and JOC courses are completed it’s time to start applying for jobs. Be sure to check out our job section here for the latest available jobs. If applying for the airlines, you will most likely need to budget for a type rating. This can cost anywhere from £5000 with a £25000 bond (which you will have to pay back if you leave within 5 years), to paying the full £25000 yourself. 

Competition is fierce for airline jobs. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of experienced pilots out there looking for jobs. However all is not lost, with airlines like Jet2 offering their apprenticeship scheme again, and Ryanair looking to take on a lot of new pilots, you just have to keep trying and keep applying. You will get there eventually.

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